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We specialize in helping film and TV locations get the window coverings they need.

Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act

With the passage of this bill by the Georgia Legislature in May of 2008, a veritable avalanche of new film and television projects have descended upon Georgia. In the first quarter of 2009 we have already helped two projects attain the window coverings they needed to dress their sets and locations. Our founder Jayson Smith (a.k.a. Jayson Warner Smith) is a SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) member and a working actor. He understand the needs of film and TV locations and how to work with the production team (Production Designer, Location Manager, Set Dresser, First AD, DP, Set Producer, and Director) in a professional manner.

Many crews, especially from LA, worry that when a “local” discovers that a “movie” wants their help, that the local will get stars in their eyes and be unprofessional and hard to work with. With Atlanta Blind & Shade, this is not a problem as Mr. Smith just happens to be a professional actor and the owner of the number one source of window coverings in Georgia. Atlanta Blind & Shade is perfectly situated to help you with your film or video project.

FTP Productions, LLC via ABC Productions

“Untitled Daniel Cerone Project” (a.k.a. “Solving Charlie”)

Location – Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA

Production Design – Andi Brittan and Rod England

March, 2009

Three working blinds in the lower rectangular portion of the window and then crafted from scratch the arch portion

The set called for taking a room currently under repair in a dorm of historic Agnes Scott College and turning it into a Law Office. The challenge was a large arch topped window that the production designer wanted covered with a stained wood blind.

We installed three working blinds in the lower rectangular portion of the window and then crafted from scratch the arch portion. This is not a permanent installation as the arch portion is tacked in place, however; for the purposes of the shoot, the installation was 100% satisfactory.

The director wanted natural light to come into the room while at the same time covering the fact there were no leaves on the trees as it was shot in the Winter and the scene is supposed to be during a green season.

There is also a matching shot where someone climbs out of the window and the reverse was shot in another location. We crafted a matching blind for another window on the ground floor that would stand in for the interior shot’s blind. It was a perfect match.

This job was initiated and compete with two weeks. We don’t prescribe waiting that late in the production schedule, however; we understand the industry and how a situation can change and the crew has to scramble to make it happen.

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