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For ten years, ABS has been providing their brand of stellar service to the design community. Here a few of the questions, and their answers, we have encountered from folks like you over the years

What can ABS do for me as a designer?

As a designer, you function like a general contractor for good taste. And, like a contractor, you have to wear many hats. The less hats the better right? By using ABS as your source for “turn-key” window coverings, you eliminate the hassle of having to attend to accounts with multiple vendors for blinds, shades, shutters, tinting, etc. By using ABS you have ONE source for everything. One call … one invoice … one person to handle measuring, samples, delivery, installation,  … everything.

Our reps are up to date in all of the latest trends in window fashions. They have the most current samples and are constantly in training to learn about the best applications for these new innovations. Why waste time and money buying “this year’s sample book” or going to such and such seminar when you can have ABS do that for you? We do that so you can concentrate on providing your clients with that magic you are known for.

Okay, how does this work?

All you have to do is contact one of our reps and they will be more than happy to come out and meet with you and show you what’s new and how we can make your life a lot easier and your business a lot more profitable.

So what’s new out there?

Just visit our Product gallery to see almost everything we have to offer. If you want to see it up close and personal just give us a call or send us an e-mail or go to our ABS Team page and follow the links to set an appointment online and we’ll put you together with one of our knowledgeable reps.

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