Blind Shade & Shutter repair

On October first, Blind & Shade Repair of Atlanta opened their doors to the public. We couldn’t be happier! Congratulations to Joan and her crew for making this happen. We fully endorse their services for all of your window coverings repairs.



Here is our policy on repairs:

If the product was not purchased from us – we do not offer repair service.

Spare Parts (i.e. valance clips, hold down brackets, cord tassels, etc.) We do not carry spare parts for any product. If it is a product purchased from us we will do our best to have parts shipped to you by the fabricator.

Products purchased from Atlanta Blind & Shade – We stand behind our fabricators’ warranties and will be happy to help you obtain the warranty repair that you are expecting. Here is what is covered and how this works:

  • Any product purchased from Atlanta Blind & Shade carries a lifetime limited warranty for the original purchaser that is specific to each manufacturer/fabricator. The policies of each fabricator vary however, the basic gist is that it is covered for as long as it is owned by you.
    • The product should be free from “manufacturing defect”. The product should perform as advertised and should not just fall apart. The “limited” part of Limited Lifetime Warranty refers to the fact that normal wear and tear, misuse and just plain old accidents aren’t covered. However these issues can still sometimes be remedied via repair. Most repair charges are minimal. Usually less than $100.
    • Labor and shipping are NOT covered on warranty or non-warranty repairs. We do our best to make this as easy and as cost effective as possible for the consumer by providing the RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number from the fabricator and the shipping address to the manufacturer so that you can get your product repaired as quickly and cheaply as possible. Most of our fabricators provide free shipping back to the consumer once the product is repaired.
    • Labor to remove and/or re-install the product from/to the window is not covered by the warranty. This labor is typically $75 per trip to the consumer’s home by someone from our staff. Shipping to the fabricator is the responsibility of the consumer and is not included in the warranty. We will be happy to ship the product for you at an additional cost.
    • Batteries for motorized products aren’t covered under warranty. If you would like us to help you change your batteries we will be glad to do this for a fee.

So, how does this really work? Well, if you have a product that YOU purchased from us and want us to come and take it down, ship it to the fabricator, and re-install it once it is returned to you by the fabricator, it looks like this:

$75.00 trip to your home to uninstall.

$??.?? cost of shipping to the fabricator.

$75.00 trip to your home to reinstall.

If the product was purchased from us by someone else (i.e. the people you purchased your home from), the above charges would be the same plus whatever the repair cost from the fabricator may be.